100WC #week13

I woke up and looked around ,I can’t remember anything. The room was isolated ,it was so empty. The only thing that was in the room was a chair and a shelf. I paused for a while ,then I noticed a light blue figure on top of a of the shelf. It looked like a book of some sort. I tried to grab it , but it was too high. So then I had an idea , so I grabbed the chair and put it in front of the shelf .I stood on top of it then grabbed the book.I began to read the book.It seemed to be a girls dairy ,she wrote about how she was kidnapped and secretly wrote this diary .I flipped the page ,and the chair tipped and I fell and hit my head .I was unconscious for a while ,then memories started to come like a l never ending story.Then  I woke up and remembered that “girl’ was me.

scientific Lab Report:Connecting 2 circuits

Aim :

(what is the purpose of this experiment -in just a few words: To (observe /check /identify) :To observe what happens when you connect two different circuits ,to  make one circuit.

Hypothesis/prediction:   (what think that will happen and why )    we think that the brightness from the light will become dimmer ,because there is more electricity being used by two light bulbs.

Materials:                                                                                                           (what you will need )

  • 3 light bulbs 
  • 3 circuits
  • 3 batteries 

Method:(write in steps.Include variables -what will you change?what will you keep the same ?what will you measure ?)

Step 1 : Set up circuit 1 and 2                                                                            Step 2 : Turn on circuit 1                                                                                        Step 3 : Turn on circuit 2                                                                                           step  4 : Observe the brightness of the two different lights

Observations:( what happened-include diagram)

The brightness from the light will become dimmer, cause there is more electricity being used by two light bulbs.                                          

here is a photo of our experiment:

science experiment



Our group feel that to help with our aim we should have done some research about what type of circuit to create. We think that what circuit we did create effected the end result of the experiment. Afterwards, we did some research on series and parallel circuits to decide that should have done one of those. They look like this:
A circuit od series and parrallel

There are different types of circuits; two circuits that we focused are called series and parallel”. Components that are connected in series are connected along a single path, so the same current flows through all of the components. Components connected in parallel are connected so the same voltage is applied to each component. In other words, If a wire joins the battery to one bulb, to the next bulb, to the next bulb, to the next bulb, then back to the battery, in one continuous loop, the bulbs are said to be in series. If each bulb is wired to the battery in a separate loop, the bulbs are said to be in parallel.

We think that after researching about this we should have maybe done something like the parallel circuit.

Our experiment was successful because what we thought would happen did happen. The light bulbs on the larger circuit were dimmer than the light bulbs on the normal circuit. This happened because the electricity running through the larger circuit was being used up faster by the light bulbs than the smaller circuit because there is  more wire to get through and more light bulbs to power. Our circuit was a series circuit and our group feel that that effected the result of the experiment and should have set up a parallel circuit to compare them.


S.E.P.E.P Reflection

This year we had a fun activity called “S.E.P.E.P”.It stand for soccer education physical education program.In this activity we have to play soccer .We had been alegated into our teams ,My team was “The Green ninja turtles”.

All the groups had one colour ,that all the team members wore as a,shirt, bandana ,or anything that has to do with their colour.We also had our own jobs to do with in the group.We had  little training were captain and/or were in charge of that .We also had duty group ,that  was when a few groups were in charge of setting up for the games ,and during those games people also had jobs .E.g. scorer , first aid ,timekeeper and empire. Overall I’ve enjoyed playing S.E.P.E.P this year and hope all the 5/6’s next year do to.

100WC #week10

Another cloudy day, were everyone is so sad. But somewhere, somehow, there is I tiny bit of joy left. Tiny light of joy that is so powerful .I tiny bit that can wipe out a nation. How could something so tiny be so big. Who holds this bit of joy? a little girl on the other side of the world. She is the only one that believes ,who hopes and loves. If everyone has this joy ,we would be a much better ,world. We should follow in the footsteps of this girl. Remember something tiny has something big with in it.

100WC #week8

It was friday the thirteenth  ,coincidently halloween.I am very hard to scare ,you see.And all my friends have a competition to see who can scare me  the most  . Georgia went first ,she told  “a scary story”,then held a knife out at me at the end,I yawned .She sat down ,disappointed. next was lisa,but then a guy in a chainsaw walked in ,I think he thought it was scary .He said “follow me “in a deep voice .So I did ,my friends looked scared ,but I knew that this was just some other prank .He had brought to a grave yard and yelled ,”spirits of the night show us all your might ,you don’t me but I know you ,bad things I will have to do,I have a past so sad ,but that’s the thing that made me bad.”

100wc #7

My heart sank as I got pushed into a small black room .A broken ,ripped bed was on the side of the room .The moon shined through the dust of the  window .And I heard a loud scream nearby .The next thing I knew ,they pushed another girl into the room ,she wouldn’t stop crying .She mumbled ,”where am I ?”.I whispered back  .I told her that I didn’t know ,whenever I asked them they push me to the floor and sa “don’t ask’.She asked me who are they ,I whispered,The undead .She slowly crawled back ,and started to cry again.

I know a place

Where the sun will shine and the world is mine.

Where the grass is green and everyone’s beauty will be is seen.

I know a place where mountains are new and lies are true.

I know a place where there is not a single care and everyone will treat you fair.

where there are no more grey clouds knocking at your door ,and  you can stand proud once more .

I know a place everyone has a heart and where no one is apart.

No more looking out the window watching the clouds gather the sky ,No more hiding behind shadows no more being  shy .

I know a place where everyone can be proud, and everyone is a part of the crowd.

I know a place where everyone is worth going that extra mile, and I, everyone, has a bright beautiful smile.

Where being your self isn’t a crime and where you can be yourself any time.

I know where dreams can come true, where your days are no longer blue.

I know a place where dreams never end and where everyone has a friend.

The rainbow has a colour teal to rose ,i know a place that no one else knows.

I know a place ,would you like to come?

the gift


I was looking through the glass window ,and seeing the newest,pink,touchscreen phone ,I realized that ,I NEED TO HAVE IT ! But just in time  for my birthday .I want that for my birthday gift .

I tried everything to get that phone ,be the first caller on the radio,eat 100 boxes of cereal to get a voucher ,I EVEN entered a competition to jump off a cliff into into a cage and high five a shark in a pool,but I managed to,get pushed of the cliff (thanks sis),and I also missed the cage ,then swam for my LIFE!One minor detail ,I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SWIM !But I made it .


It’s birthday night ,whoooo!But I got home late after school just because I missed out on ONE math lesson on  monday ,so I had to do it after school .I knew everyone was going to be there ,but me .Out of all the people that are invited I had to be late ,FOR MY OWN BIRTHDAY!

When I got home nobody was there ,not even mum or dad .Just me in a cold empty house .maybe I was to late and the party was over ,but where were mum and dad ?They weren’t answering there calls .

I turned on the tv ,the news was on.They said that a man broke out of jail and he was last spotted on noriastreet   .That was really close to my house .I looked out the window ,and I saw a leg .I was scared but maybe if I took him down I could get a $1000 reward ,and I could buy my phone .I grabbed a pan and walked out side.Then I see everyone that was invited to my party  yelling “SURPRISE”at the top of there lungs .


I was so glad that I didn’t have to take down a guy who broke out of jail JUST for a phone ,but at the end of the I got my phone .THANKS MUM and DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would choose my parents buying me the phone for my birthday  rather then high fiving a shark any day .