Monthly Archives: June 2013

what i did friday night !

Friday night i went to a restront first we odered then we ate . it was a deleises meal we had some faetachine (a type of pasta)and some pizza and chips also fried calamare.After that we had desert and for that we had cheese cake and creem it was sooo yam! so thats my friday night bye.




my poem !

hi guys this is a poem i wrote in class its called a discptive poem it was about the weeribee zoo and the athlitis .

A ring taled possuem

soft and cute

eating and biting


cuddly like a tedy bear.


A frog

slimey and wierd

jumping and climbing


green as grass.


the circlela relay

triky and clod

running and jogging


windy as a tornado .


            i hope you enjoyed my poem and thank you for listening .