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This BNT  story was about finland scraping  cursive writing and  Australia might catch on to. So instead of writing finland will have typing lessons at school. Some Australians agree and say writing is a waste of time but some are against and say cursive  writing is a valuable thing  like signature’s. I wonder if other country’s  support this and take it on because Australia might. And what will happen to this “valuable” thing that has been around for thousands of years  .

Here is the link for the video

100wc Week#22

I was walking home from school  .I took the train to warrlyton, then  went to the  bus that took me  to the city ,after that i waked to the bus that brought  me to a small town named rowen and from there i waked home .so i had a long day ,i lived on a farm .on the way home i saw a house that I had never seen before ,and i had been living here for five years .So i went to have A look i saw candy  on the floor put it in my mouth it was bitter but it said ‘sweet’ on the wrapper wait .wait then a heard a scream ,and a girl giggling .WHAT WAS HAPPING!

why i should be your src rep for 2015

Good morning /afternoon ,As you  already know I am Ana .Here are some reasons why I would make a great S.R.C rep . I haven’t had the chance to be one before ,I would like the chance to take on more responsibility and would love to be the S.R.C rep .

I may not have been one before but since I’m in year now I should take on more responsibility. I think this would be the perfect for responsibility .I would love to have a new experience.

Some of the qualities i have are … I love being organized ,I am confident in speaking in fount of large or small crowds and I love to support my peers .I ‘am optimistic for example I will always try to cheer people up when their sad .

I  would like to take on more challenges and would love to give a helping hand around the school ,speaking of school these are some of the reasons I would do to help the school with ,help kids in yard ,give teachers a helping hand and cheer  people on.

So in conclusion I  would love  to take on the responsibility of being the school’s S.R.C rep

the mist

My heart  beating faster and faster .My mind would always go round and round .This could not be real .Miserable ,sad and Eyre .As I turned, a girl (I didn’t know)   fell to  the ground .my heart slowing down .I gazed into the mist ,a shadow creped towards me .My life gone in a heartbeat ,I fell  to the ground .Everything went black .I  woke up two people with masks on a black bed. Where was I .

100wc week#21

Looking above the Harrison was all most Eyre  and impossible . the silence was deafening  ,I  missed the sound of ,the birds cheering ,the cars wheels splashing water on the gaiter side  ,the sound of wind waving the leaves of the tree’s .I heard a bang I looked into the mist and fog I  saw a black shadow coming towards me .There was nothing else I could  do just run I said to myself ,but I never did my heart was beating .I had not seen a human for 29 years .It was like a animal hunting  you down .Even then 11 people hunting me down was way worse .  

100wc week#20

I so hungry .Stranded on island with  nothing do do ,just a sandwich is all  I need .I could see a  grey shadow in the mist .Iwalked towards it ,moving slowly .Turned out to a hyena ,it looked miserable 🙁 .It said ” who are you” in a deep life  flashed before my eyes .what a mystery  ,where did he come from,why was i here but most important  how do i get out of here ,i asked him he says only few stay alive he whispered climb on my back ,so I did.he ran like a speed of light, he stopped .and fell to the ground  

my letter to lee

Dear lee,

Sounds like you had a fun time visiting   your mum .she look like she’s having fun on that bike .and the garden looks fabulous .we also started working on our garden, it looks pretty.

As you already I’m Anastacia or Ana ,And this year (2015) I’m a  year 6.I was born here in Melbourne ,Vic .My favorite animal’s  are PUPPIES!!! 🙂 and my favorite food is pasta .My favorite   part of the holidays was going to adventure park with my family.




We also went to a fishing farm we caught two rainbow trouts and 3 salmons





But enough about ….

my brothers name is brian he is in year 11 and he is 16(turning 17 in 2015 )and he loves tennis and soccer .

my mum is the best cook and she loves reading books (book worm )

my dad works  in the tax office in docklands .

So thats i little about me and my family

i am looking forwards  to 2015 .