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100wc week#24

I was on my way to england,I was so tried so i went to sleep .I woke up  and  when I looked out of the plane window and I saw a big,dark shadow in the clouds ,it was another plan .I turned to my sister and said look it’s another plan ,but she was to busy listing to her ipad .At first i thought it was cool ,but then it came a little to close ,and it wasn’t stopping .And then the last thing i remember is flouting in the middle of the ocean yelling to my sisters name ,MARIA ,MARIA!

100wc week#23

I came home from school and I saw my little sister on TV .I shouted “you always are a TV hog !” I ran upstairs and slammed the door behind me .I fell on my bed with my head hanging down ,I gazed into the black I saw something bright yellow .I picked it up ,It was dusty .I bowled on to it . It was a dairy ,I opened it .It said :

1915 ,

The war was still going on ,are home had been blown up .We ran away from home to get away from bomb’s.


We went back home ,But their was no home . The only thing standing was our  couch .



Vietnamese immigration Reflection

In today’s lesson we looked at three main periods of information to Australian                                                                                       In 1980 12,915 Vietnamese arrive in Australia. This surge coincides with the nationalisation of the South Vietnamese economy and business by Communist government. Many of those fleeing are Catholics or ethnic Chinese .In 1989 The last Vietnamese refugee boat lands in Australia.

And in 1990 Vietnam’s Government relaxes departure restrictions creating a jump in migration arrival numbers to Australia.

I understand that most people  were forced to leave their country and why people came to Australia for better life(a job, no war ,and a home with food.)

Why did england not give better conditions for the immigrants ?