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100wc week#25

My mum and I were pertty upset whenn we found out dad was in hospitlal,we wanted to find out if he was ok .But the doctor said he still running some test’s and that we had to wait for the results .So me and mum went to do some horse rideing ,That was one thing me and dad loved to do .When we got there we meet a horse named Kalyen ,she was perrty .I got on her carefully .And rode her like the wind .Mum follwed ,I felt  great ,when the wind flew through my hair ,the green grass and the blue sky meet at the horizon .After thet me and mum went fora swim .I sawm like i was being chased by a shark .When we got back I  feel on the bed .But i couldn’t sleep ,so i went to sleep with mum .Wheni woke up i saw dad’s tobacco pipe ,i closed my eyes.