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simultaneous reading day :The Brother Quibble

On the 27 of may, we had the simultaneous reading day. All cross Australia read the same book and joined in for the simultaneous reading day. This happens every year, this year we read “The Brother Quibble .It was a poetic picture story,  about family. Speaking of family, since we read a book that was poetic and about  family, we wrote some great poems aboutpoemt our family. Here’s mine:









Every day is a war.

It Isn’t very nice.

Our fight is louder then a roar 

and we forget to think twice 

I don’t know why we are related?

One day our house will pop .

Our love maybe deflated

and sometimes I think this might never stop .

At the end of the day we are brother and sister .

For being his sister I no shame .

Our fight might cause a twister 

but we are who we are and that can’t change .


I hope you enjoyed my  poem.

here is a link to the simultaneous reading website if you would like to know more : 



100wc week#33

We started climbing, the mountain had sharp rocks and I cut my leg on one. The weather started to get rough and we needed a place to camp, especially me as I did not slept in days. We were at the edge of the mountain then we finally  found a spot to camp .I tried to pull myself up from the edge so i could get up, but the ferocious wind pushed me down. I tried to grab onto the mountain but it was too late, I was falling and it felt like flying. As i looked down all the memories that i shared flashed before my eyes.