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the gift


I was looking through the glass window ,and seeing the newest,pink,touchscreen phone ,I realized that ,I NEED TO HAVE IT ! But just in time  for my birthday .I want that for my birthday gift .

I tried everything to get that phone ,be the first caller on the radio,eat 100 boxes of cereal to get a voucher ,I EVEN entered a competition to jump off a cliff into into a cage and high five a shark in a pool,but I managed to,get pushed of the cliff (thanks sis),and I also missed the cage ,then swam for my LIFE!One minor detail ,I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SWIM !But I made it .


It’s birthday night ,whoooo!But I got home late after school just because I missed out on ONE math lesson on  monday ,so I had to do it after school .I knew everyone was going to be there ,but me .Out of all the people that are invited I had to be late ,FOR MY OWN BIRTHDAY!

When I got home nobody was there ,not even mum or dad .Just me in a cold empty house .maybe I was to late and the party was over ,but where were mum and dad ?They weren’t answering there calls .

I turned on the tv ,the news was on.They said that a man broke out of jail and he was last spotted on noriastreet   .That was really close to my house .I looked out the window ,and I saw a leg .I was scared but maybe if I took him down I could get a $1000 reward ,and I could buy my phone .I grabbed a pan and walked out side.Then I see everyone that was invited to my party  yelling “SURPRISE”at the top of there lungs .


I was so glad that I didn’t have to take down a guy who broke out of jail JUST for a phone ,but at the end of the I got my phone .THANKS MUM and DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would choose my parents buying me the phone for my birthday  rather then high fiving a shark any day .

six room-Poetry Process

Today our lesson was about poetry sound devices and imagery .We closed our eyes and he told us what we had to imagine .He said 6 things and after we imagined we wrote what we saw .

For the first room  lee said “thing of a photograph or painting  that is amazing ,beautiful and interesting to us .” I imagined a painting of a woman in black and white .The second room lee said “look at the image ,what are the colours are there?how does it look ? My image was dull and dark .Room 3:what do you hear?voices,silence .I heard nothing ,I was quite .Room 4:what questions do you have about the image ?I said why is it so lonely ?why is the painting there?Room 5:How do you feel ? I felt lonely ,sad ,and bored .Room 6: look at your other rooms .what is the most important phrase or word ,repeat 3 times. Mine was ,Lonely ,Lonely ,Lonely .

Then we had to write a poem using the things we wrote .

This is mine :


Everything is still as a statue .

Why is it so lonely ?


wind whistling through the window

why is it there ?

a black and white painting .

why is it there?

Lonely ,lonely ,lonely.


I hope that you liked my poem and I hope you learnt something from our lesson .


what if I had A Million Dollars.

I would have a great life ,Dresses of every colour ,pink to green .300 pups ,and my own  TV screen .No more school .And hanging with people who are really ,really cool!I’ll live in a mansion with 22 rooms .and battlers and maids who swipe with a broom  . A three course meal ,and shoes with heels .

I would love to have that money ,but that can’t be.So for now i’ll just be me.

The trees leaves sway

as graceful as ever

the sun shines upon them

as they dance together .

Their flowers blossom in spring

as their colours of pink shine

the crimson bright of joy

as they dance together.

together, leaves and flowers

as they both sway away and together in rhythm

as they dance together

crimson tree poem