the gift


I was looking through the glass window ,and seeing the newest,pink,touchscreen phone ,I realized that ,I NEED TO HAVE IT ! But just in time  for my birthday .I want that for my birthday gift .

I tried everything to get that phone ,be the first caller on the radio,eat 100 boxes of cereal to get a voucher ,I EVEN entered a competition to jump off a cliff into into a cage and high five a shark in a pool,but I managed to,get pushed of the cliff (thanks sis),and I also missed the cage ,then swam for my LIFE!One minor detail ,I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SWIM !But I made it .


It’s birthday night ,whoooo!But I got home late after school just because I missed out on ONE math lesson on  monday ,so I had to do it after school .I knew everyone was going to be there ,but me .Out of all the people that are invited I had to be late ,FOR MY OWN BIRTHDAY!

When I got home nobody was there ,not even mum or dad .Just me in a cold empty house .maybe I was to late and the party was over ,but where were mum and dad ?They weren’t answering there calls .

I turned on the tv ,the news was on.They said that a man broke out of jail and he was last spotted on noriastreet   .That was really close to my house .I looked out the window ,and I saw a leg .I was scared but maybe if I took him down I could get a $1000 reward ,and I could buy my phone .I grabbed a pan and walked out side.Then I see everyone that was invited to my party  yelling “SURPRISE”at the top of there lungs .


I was so glad that I didn’t have to take down a guy who broke out of jail JUST for a phone ,but at the end of the I got my phone .THANKS MUM and DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would choose my parents buying me the phone for my birthday  rather then high fiving a shark any day .

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