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100wc #7

My heart sank as I got pushed into a small black room .A broken ,ripped bed was on the side of the room .The moon shined through the dust of the  window .And I heard a loud scream nearby .The next thing I knew ,they pushed another girl into the room ,she wouldn’t stop crying .She mumbled ,”where am I ?”.I whispered back  .I told her that I didn’t know ,whenever I asked them they push me to the floor and sa “don’t ask’.She asked me who are they ,I whispered,The undead .She slowly crawled back ,and started to cry again.

I know a place

Where the sun will shine and the world is mine.

Where the grass is green and everyone’s beauty will be is seen.

I know a place where mountains are new and lies are true.

I know a place where there is not a single care and everyone will treat you fair.

where there are no more grey clouds knocking at your door ,and  you can stand proud once more .

I know a place everyone has a heart and where no one is apart.

No more looking out the window watching the clouds gather the sky ,No more hiding behind shadows no more being  shy .

I know a place where everyone can be proud, and everyone is a part of the crowd.

I know a place where everyone is worth going that extra mile, and I, everyone, has a bright beautiful smile.

Where being your self isn’t a crime and where you can be yourself any time.

I know where dreams can come true, where your days are no longer blue.

I know a place where dreams never end and where everyone has a friend.

The rainbow has a colour teal to rose ,i know a place that no one else knows.

I know a place ,would you like to come?