Daily Archives: November 20, 2015

S.E.P.E.P Reflection

This year we had a fun activity called “S.E.P.E.P”.It stand for soccer education physical education program.In this activity we have to play soccer .We had been alegated into our teams ,My team was “The Green ninja turtles”.

All the groups had one colour ,that all the team members wore as a,shirt, bandana ,or anything that has to do with their colour.We also had our own jobs to do with in the group.We had  little training were captain and/or were in charge of that .We also had duty group ,that  was when a few groups were in charge of setting up for the games ,and during those games people also had jobs .E.g. scorer , first aid ,timekeeper and empire. Overall I’ve enjoyed playing S.E.P.E.P this year and hope all the 5/6’s next year do to.