100WC #week13

I woke up and looked around ,I can’t remember anything. The room was isolated ,it was so empty. The only thing that was in the room was a chair and a shelf. I paused for a while ,then I noticed a light blue figure on top of a of the shelf. It looked like a book of some sort. I tried to grab it , but it was too high. So then I had an idea , so I grabbed the chair and put it in front of the shelf .I stood on top of it then grabbed the book.I began to read the book.It seemed to be a girls dairy ,she wrote about how she was kidnapped and secretly wrote this diary .I flipped the page ,and the chair tipped and I fell and hit my head .I was unconscious for a while ,then memories started to come like a l never ending story.Then  I woke up and remembered that “girl’ was me.

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