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100WC #week13

I woke up and looked around ,I can’t remember anything. The room was isolated ,it was so empty. The only thing that was in the room was a chair and a shelf. I paused for a while ,then I noticed a light blue figure on top of a of the shelf. It looked like a book of some sort. I tried to grab it , but it was too high. So then I had an idea , so I grabbed the chair and put it in front of the shelf .I stood on top of it then grabbed the book.I began to read the book.It seemed to be a girls dairy ,she wrote about how she was kidnapped and secretly wrote this diary .I flipped the page ,and the chair tipped and I fell and hit my head .I was unconscious for a while ,then memories started to come like a l never ending story.Then  I woke up and remembered that “girl’ was me.

100WC #week8

It was friday the thirteenth  ,coincidently halloween.I am very hard to scare ,you see.And all my friends have a competition to see who can scare me  the most  . Georgia went first ,she told  “a scary story”,then held a knife out at me at the end,I yawned .She sat down ,disappointed. next was lisa,but then a guy in a chainsaw walked in ,I think he thought it was scary .He said “follow me “in a deep voice .So I did ,my friends looked scared ,but I knew that this was just some other prank .He had brought to a grave yard and yelled ,”spirits of the night show us all your might ,you don’t me but I know you ,bad things I will have to do,I have a past so sad ,but that’s the thing that made me bad.”

100wc week#33

We started climbing, the mountain had sharp rocks and I cut my leg on one. The weather started to get rough and we needed a place to camp, especially me as I did not slept in days. We were at the edge of the mountain then we finally  found a spot to camp .I tried to pull myself up from the edge so i could get up, but the ferocious wind pushed me down. I tried to grab onto the mountain but it was too late, I was falling and it felt like flying. As i looked down all the memories that i shared flashed before my eyes.

100wc week#23

I came home from school and I saw my little sister on TV .I shouted “you always are a TV hog !” I ran upstairs and slammed the door behind me .I fell on my bed with my head hanging down ,I gazed into the black I saw something bright yellow .I picked it up ,It was dusty .I bowled on to it . It was a dairy ,I opened it .It said :

1915 ,

The war was still going on ,are home had been blown up .We ran away from home to get away from bomb’s.


We went back home ,But their was no home . The only thing standing was our  couch .