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Nepal Earthquake BTN

In a matter of seconds ,buildings ,roads and mountains were falling like a dominos .The 7.9 magnitude hit Nepal like nobody ever imagined.Thousands of people have died ,many left with life threatening   injuries with miserable families .this happened because of the  tectonic plates in the earth ,they always move around and sometimes this can cause an earthquake.This was a big devastation  and  very tragic .Hopefully these families will have some good news .I wonder how many times has this happened in nepal .


This BNT  story was about finland scraping  cursive writing and  Australia might catch on to. So instead of writing finland will have typing lessons at school. Some Australians agree and say writing is a waste of time but some are against and say cursive  writing is a valuable thing  like signature’s. I wonder if other country’s  support this and take it on because Australia might. And what will happen to this “valuable” thing that has been around for thousands of years  .

Here is the link for the video