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100wc week#33

We started climbing, the mountain had sharp rocks and I cut my leg on one. The weather started to get rough and we needed a place to camp, especially me as I did not slept in days. We were at the edge of the mountain then we finally  found a spot to camp .I tried to pull myself up from the edge so i could get up, but the ferocious wind pushed me down. I tried to grab onto the mountain but it was too late, I was falling and it felt like flying. As i looked down all the memories that i shared flashed before my eyes.

Nepal Earthquake BTN

In a matter of seconds ,buildings ,roads and mountains were falling like a dominos .The 7.9 magnitude hit Nepal like nobody ever imagined.Thousands of people have died ,many left with life threatening   injuries with miserable families .this happened because of the  tectonic plates in the earth ,they always move around and sometimes this can cause an earthquake.This was a big devastation  and  very tragic .Hopefully these families will have some good news .I wonder how many times has this happened in nepal .