six room-Poetry Process

Today our lesson was about poetry sound devices and imagery .We closed our eyes and he told us what we had to imagine .He said 6 things and after we imagined we wrote what we saw .

For the first room  lee said “thing of a photograph or painting  that is amazing ,beautiful and interesting to us .” I imagined a painting of a woman in black and white .The second room lee said “look at the image ,what are the colours are there?how does it look ? My image was dull and dark .Room 3:what do you hear?voices,silence .I heard nothing ,I was quite .Room 4:what questions do you have about the image ?I said why is it so lonely ?why is the painting there?Room 5:How do you feel ? I felt lonely ,sad ,and bored .Room 6: look at your other rooms .what is the most important phrase or word ,repeat 3 times. Mine was ,Lonely ,Lonely ,Lonely .

Then we had to write a poem using the things we wrote .

This is mine :


Everything is still as a statue .

Why is it so lonely ?


wind whistling through the window

why is it there ?

a black and white painting .

why is it there?

Lonely ,lonely ,lonely.


I hope that you liked my poem and I hope you learnt something from our lesson .


what if I had A Million Dollars.

I would have a great life ,Dresses of every colour ,pink to green .300 pups ,and my own  TV screen .No more school .And hanging with people who are really ,really cool!I’ll live in a mansion with 22 rooms .and battlers and maids who swipe with a broom  . A three course meal ,and shoes with heels .

I would love to have that money ,but that can’t be.So for now i’ll just be me.

The trees leaves sway

as graceful as ever

the sun shines upon them

as they dance together .

Their flowers blossom in spring

as their colours of pink shine

the crimson bright of joy

as they dance together.

together, leaves and flowers

as they both sway away and together in rhythm

as they dance together

crimson tree poem


simultaneous reading day :The Brother Quibble

On the 27 of may, we had the simultaneous reading day. All cross Australia read the same book and joined in for the simultaneous reading day. This happens every year, this year we read “The Brother Quibble .It was a poetic picture story,  about family. Speaking of family, since we read a book that was poetic and about  family, we wrote some great poems aboutpoemt our family. Here’s mine:









Every day is a war.

It Isn’t very nice.

Our fight is louder then a roar 

and we forget to think twice 

I don’t know why we are related?

One day our house will pop .

Our love maybe deflated

and sometimes I think this might never stop .

At the end of the day we are brother and sister .

For being his sister I no shame .

Our fight might cause a twister 

but we are who we are and that can’t change .


I hope you enjoyed my  poem.

here is a link to the simultaneous reading website if you would like to know more : 



100wc week#33

We started climbing, the mountain had sharp rocks and I cut my leg on one. The weather started to get rough and we needed a place to camp, especially me as I did not slept in days. We were at the edge of the mountain then we finally  found a spot to camp .I tried to pull myself up from the edge so i could get up, but the ferocious wind pushed me down. I tried to grab onto the mountain but it was too late, I was falling and it felt like flying. As i looked down all the memories that i shared flashed before my eyes.

100wc week#32

Yesterday i found a tree stump in the park .It was strange but cool.there was a bird on top of it ,when you looked at it the first thing you noticed was it’s feet .I also found a lego on the stump, i took it home .But this morning I found it in the kitchen  ,but I  didn’t  put it there .I wonder how it got there ?In the evening I went for a walk and decided to go back back to the stump .The WEIRDEST thing happened , the LEGO TOY  was there .I walked away ,fast .When i got home i decided i would never go there again !

Nepal Earthquake BTN

In a matter of seconds ,buildings ,roads and mountains were falling like a dominos .The 7.9 magnitude hit Nepal like nobody ever imagined.Thousands of people have died ,many left with life threatening   injuries with miserable families .this happened because of the  tectonic plates in the earth ,they always move around and sometimes this can cause an earthquake.This was a big devastation  and  very tragic .Hopefully these families will have some good news .I wonder how many times has this happened in nepal .

100wc week#31

once upon a time there was a  girl who was  crazy about frogs  .She knew every type of frog,she could tell them apart with one look ,she had every type of frog  in a big tank .they were all named .there was lilly ,may,jim,tom,oli,rodey,simon and mary ,And there are six more .One day she school and they were doing science ,they were dissecting frogs and she didn’t like it ,but the teacher told her she had to. She slowly held the knife closer ,bit then she ran out crying .She was teased in the yard about what had happened during class .They got a frog from the science lab and told her to kiss it .After that ,well ,lets just say she happy to be what she is ,yep she got turned into a frog .

100wc week#30

This was it ,i had been practicing for weeks .But this is the moment i was waiting for .As the beat of the drum begin .We danced to the stage .My tummy was rumbling ,maybe cause the only thing i ate was a cornflake.Thats how nervous i was .the theme of the dance was lion .I  was a baby lion ,in the dance .It was exciting to dance in front  of so many people .i closed my eyes because i felt nervous .i opened them when we finished .They all clapped then it was over ,everything I practiced for done .It felt weird ,but i guess there’s no need to worry now .

100wc week#25

My mum and I were pertty upset whenn we found out dad was in hospitlal,we wanted to find out if he was ok .But the doctor said he still running some test’s and that we had to wait for the results .So me and mum went to do some horse rideing ,That was one thing me and dad loved to do .When we got there we meet a horse named Kalyen ,she was perrty .I got on her carefully .And rode her like the wind .Mum follwed ,I felt  great ,when the wind flew through my hair ,the green grass and the blue sky meet at the horizon .After thet me and mum went fora swim .I sawm like i was being chased by a shark .When we got back I  feel on the bed .But i couldn’t sleep ,so i went to sleep with mum .Wheni woke up i saw dad’s tobacco pipe ,i closed my eyes.